Our process starts with a design

Every piece of jewelry starts with a story

We first consult you to find out what you want to see created. We investigate what is different from store bought items and what should be unique about the jewel we are going to create. We always try to create special shapes that are not standard. But before we start melting precious metals we draw and discuss what we are planning so that you have a clear picture of what we are going to make. 

Casting and molding

Handmade jewelry starts by making a rough shape with a cast iron. After this, this shape is rolled to obtain a finer structure. All this is done under high temperatures to prevent cracks and notches. 


Now I will grind the jewel with a large file. I make sure that my model is clear and I sand and polish the edges where I cannot bend the jewel. Lastly, I also bend the jewel to to size. 


Finally, the casting cabinet is placed and the stone is set with the aid of a casting steel and a hammer. When the stone is set I can finish the ring completely and it is ready after a last round of polishing. 

If you want something made tell us in detail what you might want. We will send you a sketch and how much it might cost.